Sponsored Riders

Jack Franklin;

My name is Jack Stephen Franklin.

I am 13 years old and have been riding speedway since I was 7.

I am the mascot at Scunthorpe speedway and ride in the British youth series, two years ago I was introduced to Gary O’Hare who introduced me to AMSA.

I regularly attend Leicester and Scunthorpe sessions with AMSA, This has improved my riding and developed my skills and is greatly assisting my progress.

I enjoy the family atmosphere and excellent standard of training and support given and am looking forward to working with AMSA and promoting my career in speedway .

Jayden Bailey;

My name is Jayden Bailey.

I am 11 years old and have been riding bikes since the age of 3.

Starting riding on a pw 50 and then riding a KTM80 auto.

I have always liked speedway as we used to go to Plymouth speedway every week and used to practice on the track.

My Grandad Christopher supports me and bought me a 125cc junior speedway bike to see how I got on.

I have been riding the junior speedway bike for about a year now and we have travelled to Scunthorpe and Leicester with AMSA.

I have come on really well thanks to Gary O’Hare’s training and practicing on the mini track at Scunthorpe. I also ride at Lydd, Iwade and Plymouth but regularly with AMSA.

Former Sponsored Riders

Tom Bacon;

“My speedway career started with AMSA and they have continued to play a vital role in my development. I started learning the basics of riding a speedway bike at the training school before going on to ride one of their bikes during my first amateur meeting in 2013! Since then the team have helped me learn about bike maintenance, supported me with practice sessions and have even come to support me at race meetings.

It has been great to have the backing of AMSA as I have progressed through the ranks from total novice to racing in the professional leagues. I now also enjoy giving something back by helping other riders if I am at one of their sessions!”