I am a former British League II rider (probably equivalent to today’s National League), having ridden for Oxford and Coventry in the mid 80′s, a relative late starter to speedway but did enjoy some success and regularly featured as the number 8 for the Oxford senior team at a time when it included riders such as Hans Nielsen, the late great Simon Wigg, Marvyn Cox, Andy Grahame and other greats, all of which were on hand to provide much needed help and advise.

In 2010 I developed my mid life crisis and had a year of amateur racing with the Southern Track Riders Club and Dragons Club and managed to win most of the events I entered which rekindled my enthusiasm.

Happy to pass on advise and encouragement and I enjoy seeing riders progress, what ever level and ambitions they may have, speedway is there to be enjoyed as well as the cut and thrust of racing action.