I am a former British League II rider (probably equivalent to today’s National League), having ridden for Oxford and Coventry in the mid 80′s, a relative late starter to speedway but did enjoy some success and regularly featured as the number 8 for the Oxford senior team at a time when it included riders such as Hans Nielsen, the late great Simon Wigg, Marvyn Cox, Andy Grahame and other greats, all of which were on hand to provide much needed help and advise.

In 2010 I developed my mid life crisis and had a year of amateur racing with the Southern Track Riders Club and Dragons Club and managed to win most of the events I entered which rekindled my enthusiasm.

Happy to pass on advise and encouragement and I enjoy seeing riders progress, what ever level and ambitions they may have, speedway is there to be enjoyed as well as the cut and thrust of racing action.


I first started watching speedway as a young man back in the late 70s where I followed my home team (Ellesmere Port Gunners) in 2017 I suffered a bit of a health scare and I decided to grab life with both hands and live the dream to have a go on a speedway bike. Both myself and a colleague booked in with AMSA and I have never looked back. The team made me feel very welcome and gave time, patience and advice in such a professional manner. In less than 12 months I have made so many fantastic friends who continue to provide guidance to drive my passion for speedway. I am extremely proud and humbled to be asked to be part of the AMSA team. Thank you to all involved to help me continue to Live the Dream. From watching Gary O’Hare riding for Ellesmere Port back in 1985 and has now become a great friend. My goal for 2019 is to see people experience the enjoyment and thrill it’s giving me and to continue to enjoy my riding.


I’ve been racing for 35 years, I started in ’81 at Belle Vue and signed for Stoke 82, racing through 83 but broke my femur in the British Junior Championships so missed most of 84.

After a few teams, I signed for Ellesmere Port and won a league championship 85. I rode for Newcastle 86/7 then Long Eaton 88 to 92 .

Then I stayed away from tracks but still rode on grass and the beach, I’ve been an amateur since 2008 and have won the British Veteran Championship 5 years on the trot.. With more to come hopefully!


I first got involved with speedway in 1976 after watching from 1970. I had 2 half rides at Weymouth before joining the junior team at the age of 16. I then went to Peterborough for a year before going on to Oxford all at junior level ….. Finished riding in 1980 after serval injures and became a mechanic for riders like Mark Carlson, Troy Butler & Rene Madsen to name a few.

Came to Scunthorpe a few months ago as my son wanted a go at speedway and wanted a hand. Met up with Andy who I had met at Oxford while working for Rene after many years.

I enjoyed the day so much I have been to every day since and I love helping others out and still get a buzz from the odd skid lol


I have followed speedway for many years and I first caught the bug at Belle Vue. Since then I have supported many teams, depending where I was living at the time. At the present time I regularly follow Buxton, Scunthorpe and Sheffield.

I first met Andy Meredith when I was “having a go” at speedway myself at the Scunthorpe training track. I found him to be an excellent teacher. He gave me very clear instructions which I found easy to understand and follow whilst panicking on my first couple of rides! Under his tuition my confidence grew until I could actually do a slide! That made me very proud!

When Andy started the Andy Meredith Speedway Academy I was very pleased to be able to support him. My main role seems to be the “Tea Lady” but in addition to this I sign on the riders at the beginning of the sessions, do some of the admin and I am quite often the photographer on the day. Jack of all Trades really!